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Way Back Wednesday:

by Chris Mead | 13.02.2013

It’s Wednesday… which means only one thing – and no, it isn’t last minute Valentines shopping – but another weekly dosage of Way Back Wednesday. If you don’t already know what we do already: we use a supersonic digital time machine to bring you neat examples of web evolution.

While the idea of a supersonic time machine is, invariably, a paradox, I like to pretend the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine does in fact crawl at supersonic speeds – (which is arguably slower). Moving on quickly – let’s take a look at this weeks choice:

When looking at websites of old, a keen new media eye will spot the transition in site search from Yahoo and Looksmart to Google, social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, Google+), and the move towards heavy flash features.

If you’re a football fan like myself and an avid watcher of SkySports, you might find the video of the day titled “Jamie Redknapp facing 6 months out” particularly amusing (he’s now a pundit for Sky) and we can’t forget Andy Gray, “Sky’s No1 pundit.”

As a final note, you’ll notice the day and time in the 2001 screenshot is current – this is due to Javascript being installed on their website, which simply reads and displays your computer’s time.

Click the image below for a clearer view.

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