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Search Trend Thursday: Coffee vs Tea

by Chris Mead | 31.01.2013
Are you a coffee or tea person? Well, we’re not sure why you’d Google either to prove it, but we took a  look at their web interest in this week’s edition of Search Trend Thursday anyway.

For the sake of interest and relevance, we decided to limit the web interest search to the United Kingdom,  (because, why not?).

The result: the UK is a coffee country (preposterous I know, we’re not living up to our stereotype!). Realistically though, this only relates to web interest, and should comes a no surprise. With the multitude of coffee shops (and in particular, Costa Coffees) littered around the country, this is reflected in the related search terms.

You might also want to question why anybody might want to search for tea. Green tea’s health benefits perhaps?

Either way, tea lovers, don’t despair- tea is on the up. It might even beat coffee soon and become King of the web, maybe!

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