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Search Trend Thursday: Iron Man vs Superman vs Thor

by Chris Mead | 17.01.2013
Welcome back to another dose of Search Trend Thursday, where we highlight trendy keywords using Google Trends that have us thinking: ‘well that’s pretty neat.’ Up this week are three super hero titans in the form of Iron Man, Thor and Superman as they all prepare for epic movie returns this year. The keywords used were Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Man of Steel and we limited the search to the UK to try and gauge which hero was more popular. Thor’s actual movie title (Thor: Into the Dark World) returned little to no results – and we decided to give him a chance by using the most popular movie search term, Thor 2.

It’s clear Superman leads the way, though ever so slightly – most probably related to recent trailer releases. The Northern Irish also seem to quite fancy DC’s superhero, leading the way in most searches. Marvel’s Iron Man comes in 2nd place, with most searches intriguingly originating from from Wales. Thor, well, the hairy hero isn’t getting much love at the moment.

There are of course, many other variables that affect the search trends – the marketing of the movie, trailer launches and media coverage. Yet these findings could actually act as an indicator of the marketing success thus far, rather than just a measure of popularity.

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