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Facebook UK pop hits 27m & launches Retail Centre

by Ben Romberg | 14.01.2013
Two thirds (27 million people) in the UK use Facebook every month and over 19 million access the social network using their mobile devices, according to a report in Nielsen. The figures have been released alongside the launch of Facebook’s Retail Centre where the social network offers advice and tips about how retailers can make best practise use of their Facebook Pages and Adspend.

UK gender split is fairly even with 5% of users’ female, and a quarter of them are under the age of 25 while 30% are aged over 50. 62 per cent of the 27 million Facebook users (19 million) access the social network via their mobile devices, and 26% access Facebook via a tablet. Smartphone users are most active at midday, while tablet use is highest during the evenings when 60% of all users are on Facebook.

People are also very active on Facebook while watching TV, with 62% using the social network while watching TV shows, sending updates about the content they are watching.