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Search Trend Thursday: Travel 2013

by Chris Mead | 10.01.2013
Welcome back to a 2nd week of Search Trend Thursday, where we show you Googled keywords that could raise an eyebrow, or two.

We’ve decided this week to look into just how far people plan ahead in terms of their travel plans. Looking at the keywords Travel 2013 it’s possible Googlers were keen on leaving no sooner than their arrival back at work or school. The sharpest rise however is seen just as we’ve entered the New Year and it seems people are planning for their summers.

With Serbians the most active, what is somewhat mind-boggling is the thought of New Zealanders and Australians wanting to leave!

Have you made your plans yet? And will you be thinking of 2014 travel plans in August of this year?

Search Trends Travel 2013