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Christmas on Social Media

by Ben Romberg | 14.12.2012
Christmas is nearly upon us, with one working week left before Christmas Eve and the chatter on social media has notably spiked. Using Radian6, we pulled together a quick analysis of where people are chattering about Christmas in the UK and in what kind of numbers.

Since the start of the month there have been 26 million tweets about “Christmas” making it the biggest channel for Christmas mentions, over 1.328m mentions on Facebook in the last 14 days with posts as varied as seasons greetings, Christmas jumper fundraisers and going home to be with the family (see the wordcloud). 460,000 blog posts mention Christmas and 126,000 images reference something Christmassy. All of this activity eclipses the 195,000 articles talking about Christmas in mainstream news sites since the month started – a penny in the social media figgy pudding.

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