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Is our transition to mobile over-hyped?

by Chris Mead | 28.11.2012
Should it be such a surprise that we’re moving over to smaller format devices for our everyday computing needs? Especially at the rate in which we are doing so now?

Indeed it was Gordon E.Moore, co-founder of Intel, who predicted that the number of transistors on integrated circuits would double every two years; allowing for the creation of smaller and faster electronic devices that we’re seeing now. Microsoft have also already realised the necessity to adjust their operating systems to incorporate onscreen multi-touch with its recent release of Windows 8.

So should forecasts of internet mobile usage replacing the desktop by 2015 be met with genuine astonishment?

No, but this is not to say we should completely neglect statistics put in front of us and treat the transition process as inevitable.  In fact, an interesting infographic worth visiting can be found here, with a snippet of it below.

The real challenge however is looking ahead and envisaging how your brand and services will work on smaller formats and rapidly progressive technology. Facebook and Twitter already face much publicised advertising issues on mobile platforms, and serve as an example of what brands could be coming up against.

With the increasing influx of tablets in our media consumption, it’s time to start thinking how your brand will work on them if you haven’t already.