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Are you updating your Facebook page regularly?

by David Spring | 28.11.2012

It goes without saying that Facebook marketing is a vital part of any online marketing strategy for a business. How can you possibly promote your product or service online without being present in the world’s largest social network?! Updating your page regularly with engaging content is a highly effective way to retain the interest of your fans, and your page also constitutes a unique outlet for having direct conversations with your customers, to ultimately earn their trust and loyalty, and gain credibility.

However, a study by the social media tools/analytics company has made some shocking findings: out of 5.7 million examined Facebook Pages owned by businesses, 70% of them aren’t being regularly updated – in other words, 0 updates per month! also pointed out that 64% of the surveyed Facebook Pages did not have a cover photo, and a whopping 83% never participated in conversations taking place within the Pages. You can see the full story here:

For the reasons mentioned above, I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep adding updates and content to your Page, if you have one. Out of ideas on how to make a great Page? Check out these examples – some from top brands – and see how it is done!