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Black Friday in the UK, are we used to it now?

by Chris Mead | 23.11.2012
Black Friday is among us! America’s much celebrated day after Thanksgiving shopping spree has actually in recent years been embraced by British online retailers, and more are catching on.

You’ll find Apple, Amazon, Currys, Maplin and many others offering deals running through up until Sunday. And if you’re late, well don’t worry there’s always Cyber Monday.

The realisation that Black Friday has become the norm for us hit me when I took no real notice of the two words in an e-mail from Amazon this morning. Instead, I paid more attention to the Kindle Fire deal (also realising after that it wasn’t the HD version).


Black Friday is supposedly the traditional kick off of the Christmas Shopping season in the United States, but with its recent import and short lasting deals, I’m wondering whether it’ll tempt some of us to do all of our shopping even earlier?