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Google UK Search share drops below 90%

by David Brooks | 08.11.2012
For the first time in well…ever it would seem I am reporting on a drop in Google UK’s search engine share. Does this really mean anything for me and you? well no it’s a 1.40% drop but this could be enough to get Google worrying if there’s a significant drop in revenue. Some sites are reporting on this drop as a direct result of the launch of Windows 8 – but I highly doubt this due the fact it was only 6 days of October. We could however, potentially see a higher drop come November if it is in fact a direct result of Windows 8 as presumably more users will be on the new operating system. Overall, Microsoft saw the highest jump in market share with a 0.72% increase which gives the search engine a total of 4.71% which is it’s highest market share in 2012 to date. We’ll be keeping an eye next month and will let you know of any further drops!