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Barack Obama’s victory tweet becomes most retweeted ever

by Ben Romberg | 07.11.2012
Following last night’s US election and acceptance speech, Barack Obama’s Twitter account posted: “Four More Years” with a picture of the man himself hugging his wife Michelle Obama. In a matter of minutes, the post clocked up more than 500,000 retweets and 100,000 favourites from followers and supporters from around the world, more than any other tweet posted on the network. The popularity of the post shows that political commentary and messaging is still a huge concern for a large majority of Twitter’s demographic.

The tweet itself hit several key touchpoints that explain its record breaking reach: reacting to a breaking news event, broad coverage on the network via a trending hashtag and messaging a network of 22.5m followers, alongside photo content that features no message or political slogan, just two people embracing.