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Google the busy bee

by Chris Mead | 01.11.2012
We’re all interested in Google. And if you’re not, there’s a good chance you’re using one of its products anyway. Besides, what’s not to like?

Like or not, Google has been busy in recent days – particularly with Google+ – in an ever increasing effort to drive users to its own services and pull them away from competitor products like Skype and Facebook.

Let’s have a look at what they’ve been up to.

An update to Google Hangouts sees a new collapsible sidebar (that includes invites, chat and customizable apps) as well as  colourful notifications – increasing  overall convenience, visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Growing in popularity, Google Drive has also had a minor, but relevant, addition to its range of functionalities.  You can now share links directly from your Drive to Google+  and people in your circles will be able to sift through your files.

Their activity doesn’t stop there, with multiple products receiving attention lately: Google Search for iOS now features voice recognition in a direct challenge to Apple’s Siri, Gmail’s compose received a tidy pop-up revamp and Google Play Music is set to launch in Europe (essentially an online music cloud service – where you can upload and stream your own songs).

While it can be, and is continually, argued that Google+ has firmly moved into a focus on enterprise, I’d have to disagree with that now. Don’t get me wrong – I believe there was and still is a focus on enterprise, but it’s something that’s now shifting as users will find that their apps and products will be so easy to use and centralized that they’ll migrate over; convenience (with quality) always wins.