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Social media monitoring – Radian6

by Ben Romberg | 30.10.2012
Consumers are increasingly using social media to talk, share, discuss and vent about the brands and products they love and hate. In the marketing world, this giant volume of conversation links consumers with their brand preferences and gives a broad indication of what their attitude is towards a brand they’ve chosen to discuss and in some cases, follow. Analysing this conversation and turning it into meaningful insights and worthwhile information can be a tricky prospect, especially given the high volumes of data, the huge wealth of qualitative information and often varying reliability of source and the information being shared.

Social media monitoring tools are an essential part of extracting meaningful insights from social media data.

At Tug, we use Radian6 because it can neatly display high volumes of data, it has a powerful sentiment analysis algorithm and is able to drill down to small specific details that help to pick out valuable insights that can often inform a social media strategy for our clients.

One of the most interesting tools that help to manage a company or brands social media output is post frequency (see graph below) that determines what time of day consumers are discussing a brand. This allows the brandto know what time of day its social media messaging will be best received, connecting with its audience and consumers at the point when they are at their most receptive.

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