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Google AdWords Policies Update

by Turan Kasimova | 24.10.2012
Google updated its AdWords policies last week. One of these policies refers to the use of dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) in paid search ads.
Google stated that:
“Ads using keyword insertion must be grammatically and logically correct, and result in meaningful ad text for the user.”
This appears to be a significant shift in Google’s policies. Previously, Google policies didn’t specifically call out keyword insertion, and they only prohibited “extremely bad grammar” within ads.
It is still not known how strictly Google will enforce this new policy, and the definition of “meaningful ad text for the user” leaves plenty of room for subjectivity. It is known, however, that Google is proactively notifying advertisers that some or many of their ads will be deactivated because of this new policy.
Historically, many paid search advertisers have employed DKI liberally throughout their paid search ads. These advertisers will now need to revise a significant number of their paid search ads in order to comply with Google’s new policy. This of course will lead to a better user experience, but depending on how heavily DKI is used it might become a very large task for many major paid search advertisers. SEMs will either need to dedicate a lot of hours to developing new ad strategies and writing new ads, and/or invest in technology that can help them automatically compose relevant, grammatically correct ads.