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Übersuggest: expand your keywords

by Carlo Pandian | 16.10.2012
The Internet has grown massively in the last 10 years. According to Internet usage information, from data published by Nielsen Online, internet users moved up from 360m in December 2001 to 2,267m in December 2011.

At a similar pace, the competition within search engines has grown massively together with the value of single keywords. Larry Kim from Wordstream reports on the top 20 most expensive keywords, with “insurance” at the top, closely followed by “loan” and “mortgage”. Websites needs on-going optimisation to keep up to date with the new Google guidelines and to capitalise new keywords. At the same time they need a good amount of quality links. Social is important too.

Übersuggest is one of my favourite tools to spot those keywords and opportunities that you didn’t think about. Just enter a keyword in the form, choose language and channel (web, images, news, shopping, video and recipes) and this tool will give you many related keywords to look at.

You can use this for various purposes:

Keywords research: spot easy-win keywords that have high traffic and low competitiveness. This will let you climb the search engines quickly. For a large proportion of the time there are no PPC ads as well so you will get a higher click through rate.

Linking prospects: if you are a big fan of Google as a prospect finding tool, this will help when you are looking for blogs to publish guest posts with. This can supply you with a list of keyword variations to combine with “write for us”, “guest post”, “guest blog” search terms.

Creativity is a precious skill nowadays and sometimes you need a helping hand. Übersuggest can be a big help!