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Ed Sheeran – Bigger than Jesus!

by Jonny | 20.09.2012
A big topic in technology this week has been about music piracy with the BBC putting together a handy tool to look at what is downloaded the most near you, ranging from Louis Armstrong on the Isle of Wight to Ed Sheeran and Pitbull seemingly everywhere else. Record companies are still scrambling to try and stop illegal file sharing, but with limited success due to it being so widespread – even a big record company can’t sue everyone!

The people who download will say that it’s quick, incredibly easy and the only people it really hurts are the record companies and many artists, Ed Sheeran and Radiohead included, would agree with this. While record companies argue that it hurts the little man struggling to get enough money together to pay for petrol to their next gig.

In any case, file sharing is showing no signs of slowing down and so no doubt the record companies will continue their fight until a solution is found – whether that’s DRM style sharing restrictions, heavy fines, a move to a subscription model similar to Spotify’s or any other scheme they can come up with – hopefully resulting in a good deal for all parties involved and if we’re lucky maybe a bit more Louis Armstrong in everyone’s lives.