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The London Dungeon’s-an Experience Not To Forget

by Tug Agency | 18.09.2012
Choosing to enter a dark, dank, sweaty dungeon on a scorching Summer’s day during the Olympic festivities, is not everyone’s idea of an enjoyable afternoon. However during my recent trip there earlier this year, the actors guiding my tour of the London Dungeon’s (only a stone’s throw from London Bridge-and it’s picturesque views of the city), never failed to make sure every part of the experience was engaging and entertaining, through their characterful storytelling, and witty dialogue with the audience. The most notable highlights had to be Sweeney Todd’s Blood’n’Guts (beware of the salon chair! ) and the Extremix-Drop to Doom ride, inspired by the unfortunate hangings of the infamous Newgate Prison it features an unforgettable 15 ft drop back down to Earth at the end of it all.