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Apps for Smartphones: The Dangers of Downloading

by Tug Agency | 18.09.2012
Applications (or Apps as there most commonly referred to) are programs which can be used on smartphones and can fall into numerous categories, such as entertainment, social networking, lifestyle, news and education. Apps can be great for learning and engaging children and young adults-and some have themselves actually created apps to share. However few of us stop to think about how much personal information, is stored on our mobiles-private photographs, messaging and texts. Despite this worrying prospect, millions of us are regularly downloading applications, and it is becoming more and more accessible for advertisers to store our data without approval.

Therefore to prevent this taking place, it is crucial that the public download apps from legitimate sources which include Apple or Android outlets. Apps from stores such as these are certain to have been vetted to meet security requirements. Downloading apps from illegitimate sources, leaves the user vulnerable to becoming a potential victim of pirating or virus malware, and so it is of real importance  that the public are made fully aware of the privacy risks when downloading  apps.