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Facebook announces a boost in mobile innovation

by David Spring | 12.09.2012
This is a big week for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, the multimillionaire founder of the social network, has admitted that the recent drop in the company’s market value was ‘disappointing’. The value of its shares has halved since last May. This clearly suggests a need to revitalise Facebook somehow.

So what is in the pipeline for the world’s first social network? “The biggest question on everyone’s mind is really going to be how well Facebook does with mobile”, Zuckerberg announced at a conference. He claims that there are more mobile users than online users, and that mobile users spend more time on average connected to the network than online users, therefore reading more posts and other content. One of his new ideas consists in integrating sponsored ads more into the Facebook mobile app. Indeed, Zuckerberg states yet another reason for expanding into mobile, which is not to be underestimated: “per person on mobile, we think we’re going to make more money on them than on desktop”.

If the supreme lord of social networking says it, then it must be true! In a world where we are all increasingly prone to going online on our mobile devices – when we are on our way to work, when we are killing time while waiting for someone, or when we are just relaxing at home on the sofa -, a strategy for mobile has become an indispensable part of the overall marketing strategy for any brand or business. If you are preparing your own strategy, remember that your target audience will always have some spare few minutes to visit your site on their mobile device; think carefully about how this could benefit to your business.