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iPhone 5 launch tomorrow

by Ben Romberg | 11.09.2012
Tomorrow’s Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 at a press event and the technology press is abuzz with speculation and rumour.

The guessing game really circulates around what features the new iPhone will have that the already suped-up iPhone 4 currently does not.

The safe money is on a new high-speed LTE connection for super fast internet browsing, a bigger screen and new display options but there has also been discussion about NFC (near-field communication), faster processing power and potentially the thing being thinner.

The question is always – does any of this matter? In the very short term, ultimately not. Yet Apple have a way of introducing new technology that goes on to shame the state of play for connected devices – anyone viewing website traffic figures for mobile devices can tell you all about. The broader issue is the continuing trend for consumers soaking up Apple’s technology like there is no tomorrow. Is your website and SEO strategy ready?