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Round 1. Twitter Vs Weibo!

by JonJon Yeung | 16.08.2012

Picture of Weibo and Twitter

…In the Blue Ring we have ‘Twitter‘… And in the Red Ring we have ‘Weibo‘!

Weibo is a Chinese social media platform, seen as a combination of our two important friends “Facebook” and “Twitter”. I call it the “TwitBook”!

With no limit on 140 characters – it is certainly the hottest social service in China now. With continous growth and even expansion to Hong Kong and Taiwan feeling the heat too.

Weibo definitely has a huge appetite, consuming 90% of China’s microblogging market share! Gaining 140 million+ users in the space of 2 years, while Twitter gained only 200 million+ users in 5 years.

Currently with over 300 million+ users and 500 million+ users for Twitter, Weibo is certainly stepping up to its rival..


It’s New! It’s Hot! and it’s becoming Bigger, Bolder and Stronger!