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The realisation of expectation

by Sam | 08.08.2012
So whilst having a job at Tug, I also have the enormous task of being a mum to 3 children (and my partner who is yet to realise he is an adult).  As a parent you are often asked difficult and awkward questions (Daddy why does your hair grow on there?) and a gentle, age appropriate response has to be quickly formulated and pressed into your little darlings head (Daddy’s hair sometimes get a bit tired on the way up to his head and it has a rest there!)  However, when you are asked ‘Mummy, why do you go to work every day when you could be playing with me at home’ one finds that no possible response is adequate to the question and you are left pondering just what life is all about.  Surely play should be paramount – after all it always said we learn through play.  I shall therefore endeavour to firstly find more time to play with the children but also try to make my work life a little more playful too.