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Google’s Being Anti-Competitive

by Hannah Sinclair | 25.07.2012



Back in November 2012, Google was faced with anti-trust allegations. Since this time Google has been wrapped up in an investigation led by the European Commission who are now apparently getting close to settling the case.

‘Anti-trust’, in very simple terms means that Google is not being fair. Google is the obvious market leader within its sector and by abusing this position they are preventing others from being successful. There will always be a front leader, this cannot be avoided, however by making it impossible for any other competitors to enter the market Google has become a big concern.

Google received complaints from Microsoft owned shopping site Ciao which claimed Google was abusing its position of dominance by pushing its own service higher in search rankings.

If a settlement is not agreed to within the next few months Google could be in for a lengthy legal battle and a potential fine of up to 10% of their turnover.