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Google up’s the against Apple’s iPad & Kindle Fire

by David Brooks | 10.07.2012
Google recently held their annual developers conference, with the announcement of a number of new products expected to be launched – the hype was huge…and Google didn’t let us down!

The biggest news to come out of Google I/O 2012 has to be the launch of their new “Nexus 7″ tablet. Yes, I know not another Android tablet…manufacturers have tried many times to topple the mighty iPad & Kindle Fire with no luck but this time is different…

The Google Nexus 7 is a brand new 7” Android tablet which is set to run Google’s newest and greatest Android OS known as Jellybean (4.1) and will be manufactured by Asus. The specifications are impressive with a 1280×800 HD display, 8 or 16GB storage, 1gb RAM and the newest and greatest mobile processor known as the Nvidia Quad Core Tegra 3 which will help the tablet run very smoothly. So what’s the difference between this and every other Android tablet? It’s just £159. Yes, really £159! Now if you compare that to any other tablet on the market – this is one hell of a cheap tablet with some impressive specifications.

So how can Google sell such an impressive tablet at such a low price…Simple! Google recently launched their re-branded App market now known as Google Play which features Books, Movies, Music & More to rent and buy directly from Google. Google is looking to take on both Amazon and iTunes in the on demand content arena.  Along with the obvious advertising profits, this is where they will look to make their money.

Other interesting bits from Google I/O 2012 includes the new Google Nexus Q which is a nifty little media streamer which is set to be sold directly by Google. Also as mentioned earlier, Google released the newest version of their Android OS known as Jellybean. Jellybean features a new and improved Google Voice service which theyve called “Google Now”, this is set to topple Apple’s Siri with initial results looking very promising…Check out a comparison video here (I still cant see myself talking into my phone…but hey it’s nice to have??) With Jellybean also comes improved UI speed & enhancements which is sure to make some Android users very happy!

So overall, a pretty impressive show by Google!

If you want to buy a new Nexus 7 simply go to the Play Store. Don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts @tugagency