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Affiliate Window changes dashboard in aggressive upgrade strategy

by Dave Tinneny | 21.06.2012
Following the recent news that Affiliate Window is expanding into the US market, it makes sense that they would try to bulk up their war chest for what must be a massive undertaking.

A recent addition to their award winning platform shows an aggressive approach to upselling existing accounts with a host of additional services.

 Replacing the ‘To Do List’ which is now further down the page, is a ‘Programme Upgrades’ box highlighting these additional services (include call tracking and lead gen etc). When you select any of these options, it prompts you to message AWin asking for more information, all without leaving the platform… very nice.

I still object to being taunted with ‘NO mCommerce Solution’, ‘NO Enhanced DataFeed Solution’ etc. I feel this is far too heavy handed for what should be considered additions to any programme.

Surely the account managers should be suggesting these options to programmes that are suitable, but then maybe that’s the problem. With the company growing in size so rapidly, is relationship building and understanding the needs of each programme as much of a priority now that they are king of the hill and on a mission towards world domination? Time will tell…