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Nostalgic Thursdays

by Rainelda Ozuna | 14.06.2012
Do you remember the 90s? Here at the office our PPC team were remembering different elements from the 90s, which were especially close times for me and Turan as post Soviet Union country citizens.

Now we have the iBook vs PC, but do you remember how did they look in the 90s?

The interesting part is that I have never seen a PowerBook of the 90s in my life as it costed more than my flat, so none of my parents friends had one.

Things like Google maps is also interesting to look at – I remember how my father was saving money to buy a separate GPS navigator, because we didn’t have smartphones at the time. When the smartphones appeard it was possible to download a GPS program and off you go. Now you just open Google maps on your phone and get a synthesized voice that speaks in a perfect British accent and tells you the directions. Even isn’t needed any more, as Google maps not only will show you the time your tube/bus/train arrives, but also where it is delayed, which is the fastest way and where you can expect traffic jams if the bus is your option of travel.

Do you remember what we had in the 90s for this?

I have a map of London, which was given to me as a gift from a friend back at home and my first days in London I honestly orientated with a regular map. It was fun.

And finally, iPhone vs. Android – another technological war we see and hear now every day. Do you remember the 90s? The proper 90s?

So here it is – a little sentiment on a Thursday afternoon. Although it’s nice to have all these new gadgets and technology is really exciting, sometimes you just remember the funky old days. And there is a little something from the old times that everyone misses a bit.