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Leaked LinkedIn passwords: ‘ihatemyjob’

by Ben Romberg | 07.06.2012
LinkedIn announced the theft of 6.5 million passwords by a Russian cybercrime forum that revealed the top passwords for the site as: ‘fireme’ and ‘ihatemyjob’. Other examples included: ‘killmenow’, ‘iwishiwasdead’, and ‘hatemyjob’ according to research by Buzzfeed.

The social network currently has 160 million users and differs from Facebook and Twitter (both of whom focus on friends and interests) in that it facilitates professional connections. The passwords reveal that many clearly see logging into LinkedIn as a work-related, professional necessity, rather than a way of socialising online.

LinkedIn confirmed that their site had been hacked and the passwords were genuine stating: ‘We can confirm that some of the passwords that were compromised correspond to LinkedIn accounts.’

Online security experts and LinkedIn highly recommend you change your password for the network.

LinkedIn has more than 160million users in 200 countries and nine million in the UK.