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China’s version of Twitter deletes accounts of “repeat offenders”

by Hannah Sinclair | 29.05.2012
China’s social network ‘Weibo’, which is the equivalent of Twitter, has introduced a code of conduct explicitly restricting the messages it users can post and share. China has always come under scrutiny for its censoring of internet use and this latest update is said to be the result of “unfounded” rumours being posted by some users.

It is being proposed that a credit score system will be implemented where points will be deducted for breaches of the sites rules. If a user repeatedly breaches its contract with Weibo their account will be deleted. Users will initially be given 80 credits. They can earn further credits for “good behaviour”, i.e. taking part in promotional events and conversations.

The code of conduct supposedly lists rules such as its members must not use the service to spread rumours, publish untrue information, threaten China’s honour or promote cults or superstitions.

Similar to the restricted use on Facebook, it is suggested that users will find a way around this latest development. However, with movements such as this, Weibo could be the first of many of the Chinese Social networking giants to abide by the countries censorship attitudes.