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Google Launches ‘Auction Insights’ Report

by Ollie Vaughan | 25.05.2012
Google took a big bit into the Search Competitor Monitoring market this week when it announced on the Google Blog the introduction of of the new ‘Auction Insights’ Report.

The new report is a step up from the already existing and popular ‘impression share’ report that shows the percentage of impressions your client is missing through either a) budget or b) rank. With the new report search marketers can now compare their clients performance at a keyword level, in terms of impression share, compared to their competitors that are bidding in the same auction. They can also view see how often their ad is appearing above their competitors. With this data users can now look for areas that they could improve on in terms of impression share, as well as make more informed decisions when it come to budgets.

Below shows Google’s example of the new report:



  • Average position – see how high your ads are ranking compared with those of other advertisers competing in the same auctions.
  • Impression share – In the Auction insights report, impression share tells you the impression share of other advertisers as a proportion of the auctions in which you were also competing.
  • Overlap rate – shows how often you and another advertiser received impressions at the same time for this keyword.
  • Position above rate – shows how often competitor’s ad was shown in a higher position that yours was in auctions in which you both received impressions.
  • Top of page rate – shows how often your or the ad of another advertiser was shown at the top of the page, above the organic search results.

** stats are only available for keywords that have received the necessary minimum volume of impressions over the chosen time period

Currently this tool is nowhere near as in depth as specialist competitor research tools like AdGooroo and Spyfoo, however it will be interesting to see if Adwords launches other competitor insight reports in the future……watch this space.