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Change your AdWords Editor to v9.7.1 before June 12, 2012

by Rainelda Ozuna | 15.05.2012
As of June 12, 2012, AdWords Editor versions 9.0 and prior will be sunset. After this date, changes made via these versions will not be implemented in AdWords user accounts. Google advises to download the latest version (9.7.1.) at the earliest convenience, but no later than June 12, 2012.

Users can upgrade to version 9.7.1 through the auto-update prompt or download the latest version from the AdWords Editor website. After users install the new version, they’ll need to download their account again. To preserve user comments and unposted changes, select the ‘Backup then Upgrade’ option in the automatic upgrade prompt, then import the backup file after downloading the account.

For a complete list of version-specific changes, please see AdWords release notes. To see which version you’re using, go to the Help menu > About AdWords Editor.

Be careful and don’t lose anything in your Editor when upgrading. For more information on PPC services at Tug, please visit