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A great example of an integrated Zombie campaign with Social KPIs

by Nick Beck | 15.05.2012
In British Columbia, Canada they are readying themselves for a Zombie invasion! The government’s emergency information team is giving tips on how to prepare for a potentially volatile undead situation in the province. The idea is that if you are prepared for a Zombie attack you are prepared for a more likely scenario such as a tornado or a tsunami. The campaign wanted to get cut through with a younger demographic that usually shuts off to emergency information messages. We think it is a great campaign and we really appreciate the client who said she had to have 3 meetings before being convinced of the zombie route – well done you taking a risk. An interesting aspect of this youth oriented campaign is that the initial KPIs are viral buzz and retweets on Twitter. This is a growing trend where a wider campaign might use Social Media Marketing KPIs to prove the worth of the overall campaign… interesting…

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