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Top 5 tips to produce great content

by Carlo Pandian | 03.05.2012
The latest Google updates have demonstrated how old style link building is dead. SEOs are required to optimise the on page factors and distribute great content within the web in order to improve rankings.

This has lead to a more competitive market with slightly higher costs, but is far more beneficial for the client.

According to many future predictions that main inbound marketers have expressed, the content distributed need to be backed by great social signals.

After reading a great SEOmoz blog post by a copywriter that complained about how SEOs outsource their content writing, I have felt obliged to share some practical tips in order to commission great static and multimedia content from copywriters that link builders will not struggle to distribute.

Think as you write


A user conversational knowledge bank that contains a infinite list of Q&A created entirely by users. It is well divided into main topics and subtopics so you can get straight to your niche. Additionally you can link to your article if this helps the community.



This is a social bookmarking tool (what’s that? The old browser bookmark manager exported online) that benefits from a rating system with data from millions of users. Subscribe to your client topic, and shuffle 2/3 websites a day to understand the community share and find valuable information online.



Create your RSS feed from the Twitter API ( check this guide ) targeting industry leaders so you can see what’s the current conversation on your topics is about.



The temple of viral content, a website where psychologists could study the characteristics of the savvy internet users, the one that leave comments on the blogs and has an addiction for sharing. Choose your favourite topics and start producing content ideas from that.



Do you have an Ipad? Flipboard is a fantastic apps that let you easily shuffle across news with a great user experience.


Despite all this, having great ideas for your content is essential, SEOs must consider a targeted audience where these assets can be easily distributed. This analysis requires time that copywriters don’t have.

Your have two choices now:

– hire a industry expert to write the content

– provide copywriters with enough data and information to craft a meaningful text


Have you stumbled across other great ways of brainstorm content ideas? Drop us a tweet @tugagency and keep on talking about best practices.