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Facebook Timeline increases engagement

by Ben Romberg | 28.03.2012
This Friday Facebook Pages switch to Timeline and if you are wondering if Facebook Timeline will be worth the effort, here’s some encouraging news: A researcher reports that brands are getting as much as 46% more engagement after activating Timeline.

Simply Measured, drew its results from a small sample of 15 Facebook brand pages. Doing so may have created a false sense of lift, especially since the greatest beneficiaries, Livestrong and Toyota, who saw their engagement rates increase from somewhere between 161% and 156%, respectively.

It’s not all good news though, data gathered by Simply Measured reveals that responses to status updates actually fell with Timeline, but engagement with videos and photos were up a composite 65%. Schoenfeld’s theory is that the larger images on Timeline are leading to more engagement with visual material.

This makes it worth  post more videos and photos. “We’re wondering if this is because of Pinterest,” he says.

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