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Pin it to Win it….How Brands can use Pinterest

by Faye Daffarn | 22.03.2012

So the new kid on the block (Pinterest) is still here and going strong and so now attention turns to how Brands can start using it.

As Pinterest’s traffic rose 52 % between January and February, from 11.7 million unique visitors in January to 17.8 million in February we definietly need to start thinking more about how our clients can work it in to their social media strategy if applicable.

Here are 3 ways ways to start enaging via Pinterest as a Brand:

  1. Show case your products:  Create mood boards for your products.  If you are a clothing company it could be boards relating to colours, seasons, designers or trends.
  2. Competitions:  Land’s End recently ran a competition asking people to create boards using their website and then send them in.  You could run a competition asking customers to pin an image of them using your product
  3.  Coverage:  Brands could use Pinterest to cover an event like the Vitality Show and create boards  of favourite clips/trends/stands etc from the show