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The power of reblogging

by Carlo Pandian | 19.03.2012
ReBlog - Tumblr button created to repost content

The last cover of Wired Magazine was dedicated to David Karp, the creator of Tumblr, a social blogging platform where you can find information on fashion, art, design and beauty.

At Tug we love Tumblr because it allows 2 options:

– Publish written and multimedia content

– Reblog (defined as the republication of a piece of content from another Tumblr blog – you need to click the related button and you will publish the same post in your blog, links included)

It is easy to see how this platform has transformed its users into artists/curators of online boards, that most of the time appear in a stylish layout.

This community has a strong inclination to share content, so you would benefit if the community reuses the same content in different domains, as the links are also transferred during the reblogging.

Recently we have published a blog post on a big industry influencer that has enabled reblogging buttons. This has lead to massive results, namely 14 reblogs from other Tumblr adepts along with 23 likes. Mind you, she does have around 3,000 followers on Twitter!

From the link building viewpoint you can get your links multiplied due to reposts and this will strongly benefit your positions.