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Mashable in talks with CNN to sell for $200bn

by Ben Romberg | 14.03.2012
CNN are in talks to buy technology news website for $200bn. Not bad for a Scottish blog that started six years ago from 26 year old CEO Pete Cashmore’s bedroom. The charismatic founder of Mashable (pictured below) started the site to keep track of social media developments and quickly ramped up it’s readership to a reported 50+ million monthly pageviews (2012). Currently Mashable is the first port of call for breaking social media news, opinions and events, with heavy ties to the likes of Google (becoming a hardcore evangelist for Google’s social network Google+) Cashmore was quick to spot the huge potential of social media. CNN in the meantime are now positioning themselves as an authority in technology news. This deal which (at the time of writing) hasn’t completed yet, indicates a real change in the new media landscape and cements the importance of social media has in all sectors. Staying up to date with the latest developments in social media has become more important than ever.