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Mobile World Congress Roundup!

by David Brooks | 06.03.2012

Yes, it’s that time of year again when I come to blog about the latest and greatest gadgets from the mobile world congress show like a true nerd! As ever with the Mobile World Congress, this year has seen a number of new features never seen before on a smartphone. Below is a quick roundup of my favorites of the show.

HTC One X / S

My number one to come out of the show this year; the HTC One X is the newest flagship phone from the behemoth that is HTC. The HTC One X is one of the first phones to introduce the new Nvidia Tegra 1.5GHz Quad Core Mobile processor. This makes it one of the most powerful phones currently on the market, beating both Apple’s and Samsung’s current flagships by a fair margin. The phone also boasts a large 4.7″ 720p super LDC display, 32gb of internal storage and an 8 megapixel f/2.0 camera round the back. HTC have also taken a note from Nokia’s book with its brand new solid plastic shell, similar to that on the new Lumia range. HTC have also announced the HTC One S, which have similar specifications to the One X but has a smaller screen at 4.3″.  Both phones will feature the latest version of Android Ice Cream.

Asus PadPhone

Probably the most innovative of the show, the Asus PadPhone is true to its name in that it is both a tablet and a phone. This new phone from Asus allows you to dock into a tablet whenever you please, this will allow you to run both simultaneously, sharing files as you go along. They have also included their traditional keyboard dock (similar to that from the Asus Transformer tablet). Both the tablet and keyboard docks will also provide extra juice, allowing you to charge up your phone on the go. Specs wise, things are also looking pretty impressive with a 4.3″ Super AMOLED HD display and a 1.5 GHz duel core processor. All that remains to be seen is how pricey each bit of equipment will cost your wallet!

LG Optimus 4X HD

This the 2nd quad core processor phone to come out of the show, LG have come out all guns blazing with a large 4.7″ 720p IPS display, along with an 8 megapixel camera.  My only worry when it comes to phones from the LG camp, is their software skin which is put on top! Hopefully it wont slow it down too much.

Xolo X900

Last but not least is the Xolo X900, this is the first phone to be powered by an Intel Medfield chip. Unfortunataley it will likely never see the light of day over in blighty with it only set to be released in India.


Right, that’s it for another year – look out for this years releases from both Samsung and Apple who are sure to come out with something to topple what we’ve just seen at the Mobile World Congress!

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