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New Affiliate Marketing opportunities on Diaspora*?

by Dave Tinneny | 01.03.2012
As we all know, Facebook has dominated the social media landscape in recent years and companies are throwing themselves into marketing campaigns with little or no understanding of what to expect. ‘One man and his laptop’ affiliates are gambling heavily on unpredictable campaigns that may or may not result in a return to their old day jobs.

I on the other hand am exploring Diaspora* (yes, the asterisk is part of their name) and the affiliate marketing opportunities that might be lurking there.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the latest social network, the easiest way I can describe Diaspora* is imagine taking the ‘wall’ from Facebook, the ‘circles’ from Google+ and the hash tags from Twitter to create a definitive social site where the emphasis is firmly centred on content discovery. Started by four University students, it now boasts a huge number of users that is growing daily, even though the site is still in invitation-only Alpha.

One of the other great features is that Diaspora* is that it’s not centralised in some top-secret Artic subterranean nuclear bunker. Anyone can, in theory, host their own Diaspora*, which means that those worried about the ‘evil’ activities of Google and Facebook can sleep easy at night, knowing that their precious collection of lol-cat images is purely their own (as for how to do this, you might need to consult the forum).

Similar to Twitter, you tend to follow hash-tags as opposed to individual users. The difference is that the content is displayed like on Facebook, so, you can instantly grab attention with images or video without the need for links and testing your creativity with 140 characters. Choosing the right hash tags will expose your content to thousands more users. As with any new platform, those early birds who quickly figure out how to get the most out of it will have cashed in long before your granny starts sending you friend requests.

I think there is a huge potential for the right campaign to be successful on this platform… so, check it out first and before the opportunity is long gone.
Oh.. and if you’re still doubtful, even Mark Zukerberg has invested in it…