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Google Will Pay its Users to Monitor Their Online Activity

by Tug Agency | 08.02.2012
Google is creating a panel to investigate users’ activity on the Internet to improve its products and services. The project has been named “Screenwise” and in return for the information Google offers a compensation of up to $25 in Amazon vouchers.

The way in which users use the Internet is essential information for internet companies. The company with the largest database is probably Google, thanks to its browser and other services with which they can identify trends and users’ online activity. However, it seems like the company now wants information that they usually can’t get due to their Terms & Privacy guidelines and to do this they are requesting the cooperation of its users.

Google’s intentions are to create a user panel and investigate the way they use the Internet. The company’s goal is to learn from users and to use that information to improve its services. “What we learn will help us improve our products and services and create a better online experience for everyone”.

To participate, users must be over 13, have a Google Account and use the Chrome browser. After accepting the terms and conditions, users must install a specific extension that will allow Google Chrome to know all the sites they visit and what they do on them.

Google would be able to see everything you do in exchange for a $25 Amazon voucher … Would you do it? Let us know what you think in our Twitter Account or leave a comment.

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