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Are you a sweet tooth?

by Rainelda Ozuna | 03.02.2012
It’s February already and all the supermarkets are full with flowers, heart shaped sweets and those big fluffy red hearts.

I remember working with make-up brands previously – we always created some ad copies for Valentine’s Day. Shops are now bursting with discounts and offers on gifts for him or her. Sweets are also everywhere. Just out of curiosity I wanted to find out what is more popular – sweets or beauty products through out the year.

I used the following terms to compare against each other:

  • Chocolate – the blue line
  • Make up – the red line
  • Sweets – the orange line
  • Fragrance – the green line

In January chocolate is the most searched one, but in general the searches are cooling off after Christmas and New Year.
In the mid of February chocolate kicks up and so does fragrance – obviously the Valentine’s Day effect.
Coming closer to April, chocolate searches start to kick again, as we all need to give someone that Maltesers chocolate bunny or a Mars chocolate egg (whatever makes you happy) – they start to appear in stores approximately the same time with Valentine’s sweets, which seems quite odd to me (if you don’t believe me, go to your local ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and check it out yourselves).
Chocolate searches start to drop down closer to summer time. Let’s admit, when it’s hot I think people crave for something fresh rather than a big chocolate bar. Well, at least the majority. Freshness – that’s where the fragrance industry steps in at the beginning of summer, offering a variety of different products: deodorants, body lotions, body mists, etc.
December is no surprise to anyone – chocolate Santa’s, Christmas trees and stars? Bring them on.
I must be honest and say that I wasn’t expecting chocolate to beat others so massively.
Now at least I know why I find people in the UK so nice and happy, as consumption of chocolate triggers the release of endorphins.