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The Facebook Timeline

by Hannah Sinclair | 02.02.2012
So I was naive and thought that we all had a choice over whether we have to move over to the new Facebook format. On my way home last night I read an article which informed me that within two weeks I would have the Facebook Timeline!

I do like the new layout, this is not the issue I have with it. It’s more the fact that I was 17 when I first signed up and I’m pretty sure there are a few images, posts and comments that I’d rather not be reminded of. Now I’m aware that I have the chance to remove all this within the next couple weeks but Facebook is making having an account a chore rather than the social networking opportunity that I signed up for.

The debate around the changes for a lot of people is about privacy and how it’s violating our human rights etc etc etc. I wouldn’t go this far, as when you sign up to a social network surely it is with the aim of sharing information about yourself? Otherwise what would be the point? However, I do believe that there must be a method, which is not such a divulgence of personal  events i.e. the break up you’d rather forget that was so publicly displayed on your wall.

The aim of this blog is not actually to moan, it’s more just a big nudge to let you know that if there are certain things you do not want your friends, employer or Mum – who’s just recently discovered Facebook, to see, then you have around two weeks to edit your life.