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Google launches Search plus Your World

by Ben Romberg | 11.01.2012
The final piece in the social media puzzle for Google – integrating its social network Google+ into its search results – slotted into place yesterday in the form of “Search plus Your World“. Launched to a background of mixed reviews  and a critical statement from Twitter, it seems that the decision has so far proved unpopular.

Starting today for people who enter an English search term into logged into their Google account, they will see results featuring posts and content from their wider Google+ network alongside worldwide search results. Below is an example of what happened when Neil searched for “Tug” while logged into his Google account.

You can see the top result indicates that there are 400 personal results in his Google+ network. Then the second and third results are personalised with a figurative logo in blue next them to indicate this is the case.

Image searches also fall under this category and the name of the friend who has posted this image appears in the thumbnail link, showing the name of the person who posted the picture to your network.

You can switch between your personal search results integrated with worldwide results and pure worldwide results using two new buttons that appear on the right hand side of the search bar.

This means you can filter out the social feed and opt to use natural Google search at the touch of a button.

Search plus Your World will impact the way Google users search for content online and highlights a sea-change in the importance of social media when considering your SEO strategy.

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