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Top 5 SEO tips for Mum Bloggers

by Carlo Pandian | 06.01.2012
Thanks to Claire from BrightonMums, i am happy to share some SEO expertise with UK mum bloggers community. Feel free to connect with Tug, the marketing agency I am working for and learn more about how to promote your site.
Drop me a tweet @Tugagency if you have any questions!

Firstly, I would recommend you to use these suggestions carefully as you shouldn’t change your editorial style in order to be SEO friendly. Let’s get straight to the practice and see how a mom blog can meet Google standards:

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1) Look at what people search with Google Keywords tool. In order to reach these users you should include some of these terms in the title tags, alt tag of images and/or in the first 100 characters of the post.

2) If you work with WordPress, our suggested platform, install any SEO pack in order to personalise meta descriptions and title tags with the keywords that people search for and that describe your article. Google XML sitemap is another great plug-in that creates a map of your site and send it to the search engine. If you don’t use WordPress, check online on how to optimize the title tag and the description of your posts and how to submit a sitemap to Google.

3) Create social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) and bookmarking (Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Digg) profiles for your blogs and share your content online. For Twitter remember to include related hash tags while for Facebook and G+ work include images. Sometimes ask to share your article if you feel that it can be of interest for the community. In 2012 social mentions are going to be an important ranking factor.

4) Add your blog to online free directories and write guest blogs with a link back to your one. The more links which are pointing back to you, the higher your ranking will be. Another good technique is to answer questions (Yahoo Answer and Quora) and comment other posts with useful information.

5) This is a great infograph on blog copywriting that explains how you can improve the readability of your text. I would add that you should link to other similar articles in your site if there are any.


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