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Series of Fun Facts: Part lV

by Rainelda Ozuna | 23.12.2011
Last day before Christmas Eve and the office is so calm. I guess a lot of people are in the festive spirit. I am more excited about the New Years Eve – want to see the fireworks in London. They say it will be fantastic this year, so can’t wait.

Just because it is the 23rd December, here are some festive fun facts for you:

  • I always thought that every year the most popular Christmas songs would be ‘Last Christmas’ or ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ but it appears that in 2011 two boys are at the top: Michael Buble with his song ‘Christmas’ and Justin Bieber with his song ‘Under the Mistletoe’. Nevertheless, if you would ask random people to sing a Christmas song, no matter what year it is, I strongly believe that they will start to sing something from the classics, rather than the new songs.
  • Just like for every massive occasion, Christmas is one of those when companies are making TV, video adverts and trying to put a creative note to them. Top Christmas video adverts this year were made by Iceland, Argos and my personal favourite John Lewis Christmas advert – it’s just very, very cute. I first saw it in the cinema and the ending just created a huge “Awwwww!” wave from everyone in the room. Thumbs up to John Lewis for creating such a great video.
  • Do you have the struggle to choose Christmas gifts? Personally I really get confused and tired of trying to find something really good. Apparently in 2011 the most popular Christmas gifts are Tablets, Lego and Travel Mugs. So if you are doing you last minute Christmas shopping today or tomorrow this try to consider those three options.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and Fantastic New Year!