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Littlewoods advert…I like it

by Hannah Sinclair | 28.11.2011
So I don’t know if you have seen the Littlewoods Christmas advert this year but I like it. It’s a children’s nativity all about presents and gifts. Sounds pretty normal. However it has been plagued with hundreds of complaints. Mum’s and Dad’s are accusing it of ‘ruining Christmas for kids’. Their Facebook page and the ad on YouTube have been hit by numerous comments requesting that the advert be banned.

“What a great example to kids to know that what makes a mother a good one is how much over-expensive bling she buys them at Christmas.”

Littlewoods is attempting to keep the damage to a minimum by disabling the comment option on YouTube and apparently censoring its Facebook page – although it has denied this.  They are maintaining that the number of complaints in comparison to the number of views is minimal and the positive response overshadows the minority.

Encouraging consumerism or just another Christmas advert encouraging people money?

Littlewoods Christmas Gift Advert