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Some tactics to build links in websites

by Carlo Pandian | 23.11.2011
When planning your off-page strategy you must consider building different types of links in terms of URLs, root domains, page ranks and social signals in order to show Google how popular your website is. The most valuable ones are placed in university and government sites and, in fact, they require a large amount of time

These are some tactics to get your links featured on university websites:

1) Collaborate with the career department

This department manages a career advice section in the university website and a list of job ads. In order to penetrate here, you can advertise a vacancy or write an article about skills development, suggestions for job seekers or opinions on the labour market.

2) Write a guest posts for an university blog

Some courses set up blogs where students write articles and are often interested in collaboration with businesses. You can approach them and ask to write a guest post, or offer your expertise to produce an interview or review of your products and services. For example, if you are a bank you could guest post on student finance blogs .

3) Participate in lectures and special conferences

These are usually entered in the news section with a description of the speakers with links to their personal page or company

4) Start a graduate scheme in your company
Make sure you showcase your program in the career department sections. Remember to ask to link to your website as you want people to decide when a good time is to start their career with you. This way your SEO will really benefit.

Have you ever built great links on government or school blogs? Leave your comment and improve this list.