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How to use Twitter search and Followerwonk to reach bloggers?

by Carlo Pandian | 14.11.2011

Best Twitter application

Many link builders struggle to find contacts and establish long term relationships with bloggers. In fact when you are doing the blogger outreach it is important to contact the right audience to build links in coherent content websites. If Google (you may have used the search operator to investigate your community) has been your main tool to find contacts, the introduction of Followerwonk will far expand your list of bloggers and this will result in getting more leads.

These are some suggestions you may want to use when you are planning a guest blog, organizing a competition or developing social content for you clients:

1) Identify your audience

That’s the first step and it will provide you with the characteristics of your stakeholders for example mums, sport lovers, food bloggers, geeks or more particular niches like hyper local news sites, events directories etc.. Every group has specific interests and requests so you would be better to tailor your email to their needs.

Followerwonk search Bios section

This social media management tool is integrated with your Twitter account and lets you search through bios, analyze and track followers, and find influencers within a specific niche. With this i have been able to easily reach different audiences. Choose 1-2 keywords that represent your target that these may have included in their bios section. Choose a particular location if you are offering something related to a specific area (for example: a book about Scotland) or a certain amount of followers if you want to generate buzz through Twitter. In particular i have noticed that including the keywords “blogger” or “blog” in the description would provide you with a list of good ones usually managed by highly participative writers that contribute constantly and are usually prepared to collaborate with you.

Investigate hash tags that your audience use

Some bloggers participate in online debates including hash tags in their tweets. As online marketers use #seo to highlight related posts and comments, mum bloggers that have been to the #cybermummy conference have also exchanged opinions with their peers. If you can find out some hash tags connected to your niche, this will help you to contact Twitter users that can contribute at building links.

In conclusion, it is arguable that having a look at the buzz on certain topics in Twitter and in social media is a good move to compile your link building outreach gaining precious and useful contacts. It is now up to you to find a good and creative strategy to get links from them.