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How a company blog can improve the SEO of your main website

by Carlo Pandian | 11.11.2011
Internet marketers have proven that a company blog is a great tactic to establish a relationship with customers outside the typical point of sales, namely product and service pages, and the shopping cart.So why are you employing the effort of curating and writing this content for your blog when it could be a good asset for the SEO of your most important pages, the ones that convert visitors into customers!

These are 4 suggestions why it would be good to use this content in your corporate blog to boost your rankings:

1) Keywords
As you have already done the keyword research for your website, this is useful for the blog copywriting as well. You should target a specific keyword for every blog post, this means you must include this in the title and in the body (repeated 3-4 times) of the article.

2) Links
Inside the blog post you should deep link in your website with a keyword rich anchor text. An example would make this step clearer: you sell sweets online and you have just written an entry about the biggest pistachio chocolate ever made. In this case you should link to the page that shows fancy flavour bites on sales or the biggest bar you offer.

3) Social media
As soon you have produced and uploaded a great piece of content, you need readers and you want them to share the article. Use your company Twitter and Facebook profile to syndicate the content.
For the first account, you may be better crafting an appealing tweet with a shorten link to your blog post and preferably a related hash tag. For Facebook, use your fan page and invite your customers to participate into a conversation, for example ask what is the sweetest thing they have ever done.

4) Social Bookmarking
The social bookmarking services store website address and can be considered as article directories. They have the power to bring tons of visitors to your blog and consequently send positive social signals to Google. When you post is live you should bookmark  it in Reddit, Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon. You may need to say to your colleges/friends to do that as well!