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Google+ Brand Pages

by Hannah Sinclair | 10.11.2011
Google seems intent on rivalling Facebook in numerous ventures. Where previously Google+ only allowed individuals to hold profiles, they have now opened their doors to any business, group or entity. However, reactions have been mixed.

One issue arises in the fact that although it is very easy to set up a brand page, this also means it is very easy to set up a fake brand page. The biggest hurdle when setting up a fake brand page is you have to agree to Google’s Page’s Terms, which state that only users “with authority over the subject matter” can set up a Google+ Page. If these terms are then breached, Google will or take down your page.

Google has attempted to take steps to prevent this by providing verification badges to confirm authenticity of the page. Jim Prosser, a Google rep – “Verification badges are designed to help our users find what they’re looking for by ensuring that people, brands and businesses that are subject to broad-based impersonation are protected,” he says. “Because of this, it’s intended primarily for global or broadly known brands.” Such badges appear as a check the right of the brand’s name on its Google+ page; if you run your cursor over the check mark, it reads “verified name.”

Google has always previously had a lot to say about fake accounts but their current relaxed approach does not seem to reflect this. Facebook and Twitter have tighter regulations when creating pages and hopefully as Google+ grows the same will be said for them.