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Free applications to manage your Twitter account and get the most out of it!

by Carlo Pandian | 08.11.2011

I started using Twitter last year and I have always been fascinated by its structure. You have 160 characters to say something, make people curious, and click on your link. You have companies, people, experts, Justin Bieber with his millions of followers and Santa Claus.

Let’s say that you have been put in charge of a social media account or you simply use Twitter for business contacts and leads. These are some apps that are great to get the best results from this platform; it is up to you to decide your strategy:

1) Tweepi
It mainly focus’ on your relationships and how to get the most out of them. It offers a free version where you can follow back whoever is following you, and delete some of your unwanted followers (in my case some hyper local bloggers from UK, Santa Claus and Justin Bieber). The most interesting feature analyses the followers of some accounts. Find out who is the expert in your field and follow his/her followers.

2) BufferApp
Connect your profile with this application and you will have an interface to schedule your tweets during the week. Moreover BufferApp understand the best time to tweet in relation to your followers’ habits and origins so you can reach more readers and RT.

3) Hootsuite

This application should be used by every social media person. It enables you to manage multiple profiles and platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc.) in the same screenshot. Despite the free version lacking features, the pro version has interesting social media analytics that would be worth a try.